A Visual Guide to Arch Linux Installation

This article is going to help you install Arch Linux, it is meant as an experimental guide to help get through the installation much faster. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, I would absolutely love to hear it. Let’s get started. Prerequisites: 256 MB of RAM 800 MB of Disk Space This is

Gaming on Linux

One of the many reasons that people do not want to install Linux is because there are no Linux distributions that have support for AAA title games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and so one out of the box. I like to think that this is mainly because Linux is designed for

Getting Started & Distribution Choice

If you are just starting out with trying to learn to use Linux! Congratulations! Linux administration is one of the best skillsets one can have in the world of computer sciences. In your search for finding the right Linux Distribution for you, you might find it difficult, as there are dozens of distributions to choose
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